Hockey Contracts… What Were They Thinking?

In the world of hockey.. or any other professional sport, contracts signed or not signed, start many conversations with sports enthusiasts.  In this post, we are going to highlight three of the worst contracts signed by hockey players.  Why doesn’t anyone of them ever consult a real attorney?  As one Houston contract law attorney put it, “Never ever sign a contract without having an attorney look at it”.  Well said!

Hockey contract #1: Nathan Horton, Columbus Blue Jackets: $5.3 million  (7 years)  He’s a forward with a Cup ring.  Well done!  However, he missed nearly half of 2011-2012 with a head injury and spent the first 40 games healing from an injury to his shoulder.  Is this guy REALLY worth the money?  Only time will tell… but fans do love him!

Hockey contract #2:  Ryane Clowe, New Jersey Devils: $4.85 million ( 5 years)  This guy’s large body is excellent at crashing and smashing his opponents with an occasional score. The Blue Devils loved that about him hence the nearly $25 million they gave him.  However, fans didn’t really care for this arrangement at the time since his health was an issue.  Fans were right since when he returned after injuries he didn’t do much for the team.

Hockey contract #3:  David Clarkson, Toronto Maple Leafs: $5.25 million (7 years)  Sometimes a contract seems good at the time, only later to be realized (insert hand slapping forehead) later it was a bad decision.  As Sports Illustrated put it “the money is unnerving, but the term is absolutely frightening.”

These are just a few of the many bad and insane contracts signed recently.  Fans are known for saying “What were they thinking!!!???”  What hockey players and GMs need to do is rethink the whole process and decision making that goes into hiring a professional hockey player. Duh?

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