Unconventional Hockey Training

Strength, stamina, agility, focus and eye-hand coordination are all things a hockey player strives to keep strong in. However, what the world of hockey is starting to realize is that some of the most famous players have been using unusual methods for training.  That is not to say they are not doing the normal ice hockey training, but they are adding unconventional training methods to their offseason routines. This seems to be a merging trend and it’s not just in the world of hockey.

The best way to understand this is to just think of the movie the Karate Kid…. “wax on… wax off”.  Yes, I know you probably think RIDICULOUS!!! But there was some truth in Mr. Miyagi’s method that coaches and hockey players are turning too.

Here are some examples:


Using a board for balance has been a hockey training technique, but what players are now doing is actually skateboarding! This enhances the feel and focuses more than just balancing on the board with a stick to help.


This is great for strength training. But what is even better is fresh air! Athletes spend way to much time in the gym and they will all tell you that! Having to swing an axe or even cut down a tree using a chainsaw is a fantastic upper body work out and will use new muscles that lifting weights won’t find. Just check out this guy cutting down a tree.  Look at his arms extended and the weight of the chainsaw he has to control, keep study and keep lifting for several minutes until the monster limb is down. Now that’s a workout!


Challenging muscle and mind to go down different paths will only enhance you as a hockey player. If during the offseason you only run and lift weights, then you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to sharpen your mind and skills. Each sport uses the mind and muscles in a unique way. Don’t just focus on what a hockey player needs! Be sure and spend some time doing something “outside the box”. Trust me on this! Go back and listen to interviews of the professionals and what they do in their offseason and you will hear some strange past times, but they will tell you they believe it helps them become a better hockey player.

Bottomline is not to spend all your time focused on hockey driven training programs. Branch out!

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